Margo B. Smith

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Margo B. Smith (Margo Bernadette Smith) is a Christian singer/songwriter who shares her faith and deep love of God through music. Many listeners describe Margo as having a comforting and gentle voice and her music as joyful, encouraging and that which blesses and expresses what is in a person's heart. 

As an accomplished songwriter, Margo has recorded five Christian albums, one of which is a children’s cd. 

 Margo has shared her music in many venues such as Christian coffee houses, concerts, pro-life events, healing services, and prayer groups.


Because You Love Me was released the CD,. The songs were borne of a desire to share God’s beautiful and personal love for each of us and to spread the Good News about Jesus and His teachings.

Sending Up A Prayer was release in 2007 and is filled with song prayers of praise and thanksgiving and topics that include God's will, compassion and trust. Also, included is the song "Precious Unborn Child" which celebrates the beautiful gift of life.

Alleluia Through It All was released in 2012. The songs were written as she was going through the experience of watching her father struggle with cancer and in the end, pass away to eternal life. This soothing CD shares a message of healing, hope and salvation through songs of praise and comfort.

Jesus, I Love You is different from Margo's other CDs in that it contains Christian songs for young children. It is joyful and uplifting with a lively musical style. Instrumental sing-along tracks are included on the CD.

Glorify The Lord With Me  was released in 2020. It includes a variety of uplifting songs covering different aspects of our Christian walk including praise and worship, trusting in God, calling upon the Holy Spirit, living the teachings of Jesus Christ and thankfulness for God’s love, mercy and blessings. There are also songs from the Psalms.

Some of Margo’s professional credits include: 2008 UCMVA finalist, Top 20 finalist in the Gospel/Christian category of Unisong’s 11th Annual International Songwriting Contest, and Honor Award recipient in the 9th Annual Great American Song Contest. 

BIOGRAPHY (full version)

On Sundays, when Margo’s father wasn’t up in the choir loft  conducting, he’d sit downstairs with the family. Those seated nearby would hear lovely three-part harmony coming from her family's pew. The gift of music was generously shared and passed along to her at a very young age. 

Margo began to play piano at the age of six, and although it did not come easily to her, she still enjoyed playing. Later, Margo created songs in a different genre from the classical repertoire she was taught.

Around the age of 12, Margo had a conversion experience that sparked a deep love for the Lord. Through this experience seeds were planted in her heart for a future music ministry.

In her teenage years while teaching herself how to play guitar, she wrote songs and was invited to share them at school and church functions. As Margo’s faith grew, she began to write songs about the Lord to share with others the joy of His goodness and love. 

While attending Towson University, Margo studied voice and also received a degree in elementary education. Margo’s involvement in music continued as she taught piano, sang, and played keyboard in her church’s contemporary group.

 As time went on, her desire to share her love for the Lord and His love for us through songwriting increased. Seeking God’s will, she prayed that if it was His desire she would like to play keyboard and sing in a contemporary Christian band that would be used as a ministry to reach many inside and outside of the church. At the same time a talented singer/songwriter musician named Bernie Antkowiak was praying for a keyboard player for his music group. The Lord answered both prayers, and the band Pure Heart for Him was formed and responded to the desire God had placed in their hearts. Sharing God’s message of love they played for many venues such as Christian coffee houses, prayer breakfasts, Christian Music Connection (CMC) Fest, River Valley Ranch, ProLife events, fund-raisers, healing services, Marriage Encounter events, and Reconciliation services to name a few.

Around 2005, Margo was deeply convicted by the scripture passage, Matthew 25:14-30 (The Parable of the Talents). That conviction caused her to release a CD in 2006 of Christian songs she had written. As of 2020, she has written and recorded a total of 5 CDs, one of which is a Christian Children's CD. Listeners describe Margo as having a comforting and gentle voice that conveys a connection with the Lord that is genuine and her music is described as joyful, encouraging and that which blesses and expresses what is in a person's heart. 

At this time, Margo resides in Florida with her husband of 41 years and is involved in the music ministries for 2 prayer groups and church choir. She shares her music when invited and continues to write music for the Lord.


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