Thank You, Lord
Written by Margo B. Smith

This song was written because of an overflowing
gratitude that could not be contained in words alone.

Thank You, Lord
For the air I breathe
Thank You, Lord
That I was conceived
Thank You for the gift of life
You’ve given me
You thought of me
So here I am
You created me
Through woman and man
You gave me life
Through Your amazing plan

With all my heart I thank You
Thank You, Lord
I will give a lifetime of thanksgiving
To You Lord

When I think about why I’m here
Throughout my life
You’ve made it clear
The words I love You
Are whispered in my ear
Your love for me is phenomenal
Bountiful and perpetual
I believe Your love for me is inexhaustible


Gracias, danke schoen, it’s You I thank
Merci beaucoup, I want to thank You

When my final hour has come
I’ll look back at all You’ve done
And with a heart of gratitude
I will thank You
When I have finally passed away
I will still be singing You praise
For eternity and then some
For all ages that are to come
That’s forever and forever
I will thank You



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