Written by Margo B. Smith
Inspired from John 4:4-15

I’m going to Jacob’s well
Now would you like to come with me?
Are you thirsting like I thirst?
Are you looking for relief?
We’re going to find Jesus at the well
His living water runs
Flowing like a spring
He’s invited us to come
Come and drink, what do you think?

Saturate, saturate my soul
With living water
To the brim and let it overflow
With living water

Oh how I long to drink my fill
Of the water that flows
Now would you like to take a drink?
To be filled from head to toe
The water He will give
Becomes in us a spring
Of water welling up
To eternal life
Let us drink, what do you think?


The time has come for me
To leave the desert
There is no oasis here
Nothing can compare
To the living water
Running fresh and clear


Saturate my soul
Let it overflow
Saturate my soul
With Living Water


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